Let's Talk Shucking First!

We’ve heard it often, “I’d like to buy some oysters, but I am afraid to shuck them.”. Well, it is wise to be careful when shucking oysters or when running around with any sharp tool (especially scissors), but we can tell you how to shuck safely.

Curved Shucking knife

Curved Knife

First get an oyster shucking knife. No, a flat head screw driver is NOT a shucking knife. Nor is a clam knife, a paring knife, your Scout knife, etc. Oyster knives can be either bent tip for opening at the hinge, or what we call a dagger used for side and hinge shucking. The bent tip is inserted at the back of the oyster. 

Side Shucking knife

Side Shucker

This is what we call a side shucker. It usually is used where the two halves com together on the right side of the oyster (cup side on bottom), but can also be used for opening at the hinge as shown.

Oysters in serving tray

Amazing Recipes!

You don’t really need a Rolodex of oyster recipes. Just slurp them raw! Douse them in lemon juice and knock them back like tiny briny shots of bliss! While this method is all well and good, frying, grilling, or stewing oysters takes them to a whole other dimension.

Check out some of these gems!